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Welcome to Royal Open University

Royal Open University is an independent technology focused university committed to academic excellence, cutting-edge research and practical innovation. The University is modeled on internationally recognized institutes of technologies like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA and Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs) and many others.

ROU is the first Online institution of higher learning in Uganda with a full in-built campus admitting students accross the globe. Royal Open University offers a flexible studying environment from admission to graduation. Each Student is guided through our user friendly and engaging study platform by a professional Instructor on a 24 hours basic.

The Nation's Premier Open University

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    You don't have to leave your your workplace, home or village to attend the prestigious Royal Open University. All you need is a…

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    The Royal Open University offers a wide range of programs cutting across the mostly craved for Business, Arts and Social Science courses. Our…

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    We offer a unique payment plan which is affordable to all categories of students. There is no need to pay millions of shillings…



         *87% of the current students population

        prefer to upgrade their education while working at the same time.

ROU Latest Survey,2016


Why choose us ?

We are a nonprofit organization with love in teaching and sharing. We want to give everybody an opportunity to attain their dreams and life goals. You can access your lectures from anywhere as long as you can access internet. You can use your smart phone, Tab, iPad, Laptop, Desktop or visit the nearby internet cafe. We believe that through education we can move individuals and society to a more promising future. 

We are different from all other universities which require an applicant to pay millions of money for admission and study. We only require you to pay for a unit you are going to study in a given period. Our system is the first in Uganda and will give opportunity to all categories of students from all backgrounds to have a chance to enter university.

Do not get worried of lack of internet and computer skills to study with us. We offer all our students an admission course- Introduction to Distance Learning- which help equip them with the necessary skills to complete their degree with ease. Besides, upon admission, every student is assigned a permanent supervisor who guides him or her from that moment till graduation. Our university app also make access to our university services easier.

Royal Open University is here to promote creativity and innovation in our country. We are here to change the course of the Nation's education system by offering courses that are practical and benchmarked on international standards. A student who joins us will eventually be launched in a world on endless discovery and development as we open to him/her the doors and windows to World Knowledge.

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You don't have to leave your your workplace, home or village to attend the prestigious Royal Open University. All you need is a place where you can access internet.This maybe; an internet cafe, any laptop or desktop computer with a modem/router, iPad and even a hand smart phone!

The Royal Open University is offering a user-friendly interface/App which enables anyone with internet to access their lessons. We are traversing around the countryside identifying possible Study Centres where our students can go for further guidance,mostly on how to attend virtual classes.The Study Centre list for all districts in Uganda will be publicized soon.

Royal Open University-Rubaga Hill by Macro Consulting Group